Payroll Cards & Prepaid Solutions

Payroll Cards

An efficient, paperless way to manage employee pay

Monecity allows you to choose from several different Payroll Card offerings providing a cost-saving alternative to traditional check distribution.  We work to help companies achieve a paperless payroll environment reducing processing time while ensuring compliance. The convenience and flexibility of the cards provide an added benefit to employees who might otherwise be under​ served by traditional banks.

Using a Payroll Card solution to pay employees can eliminate the need to use paper checks and add up to significant cost savings for your company. Payroll Card programs can be particularly valuable for companies with temporary, seasonal, or underbanked employees, as no bank account information is needed to disburse pay by payroll cards. Payroll Cards are loaded automatically, give employees immediate access to funds, can be replaced or issued instantly, reduce the risk of fraud, and are accepted at over one million ATMs and any retailer where MasterCard/Visa is accepted. Payroll Cards are a cost-effective way to distribute funds to employees, reducing expenses for your business and for your employees.

For Restaurants and/or any industry that involves Tips:

The choice of payment for hospitality types of businesses has become credit cards over the last 10 years.  This creates a burden as well as additional costs associated with the payout of Tips.  Monecitys Tip Solutions can assist your organization with streamlining the process of paying your employees Tips.        

Some benefits of our Tip Solutions are:

Save Time:   Take away the possibility of human error, and simplify the checkout process for the managers
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Integration with your POS:   No more manual keying or separate systems needed.  Our solutions integrate with a majority of the POS systems in the marketplace

Fund Instantly:   Allow your employees to get paid instantaneously.  It is like giving them cash, with the reporting needed to be compliant. 

Sophisticated Tracking and Reporting:   Customized reports are available, giving you the visibility you need. 

Safety:  Employees are no longer leaving work, with a large amount of cash.  They now have a more secure option when leaving your establishments.

Disbursement Solutions

With Monecity‘s Disbursement Solutions, companies can conveniently disburse funds in a safe and efficient manner.  You are in control of what your funds are moved, and when they are available. You can move only the funds you want to make available, and you can be notified whenever purchases occur.

Common Types of Disbursement Solutions:

Refund Disbursements:   Helps to improve business efficiencies and reduce costs associated with distributing cash or paper check refunds by reducing check printing costs and administrative time managing and distributing cash and checks.  Currently used for refunds in the Healthcare industy, Utilities/Telcom Industry, Apartment and Security Deposits, and much more.

Purchasing Card:  There are times when an employee needs to make a company purchase, however they do not have a company issued credit card.  In those times, a loadable company card will give you the control to load funds, control purchases, and be notified of all activity on the card.

Non Profit Solutions:  Reduce the overhead needed to disburse funds to your recipients in an efficient compliant manner.

Per Diem Cards:  Using our Per Diem card solutions, gives your organization the visibility in where your funds are being spent, as well as well gives your company the ability to push as well as pull funds from the cards instantaneously

Settlements:  Paying out settlements can be an operational nightmare, especially in regards to managing unclaimed property.  Creekpay has escheatment management solutions simplifying the process of paying out settlements.