Partner Network

Partner with Monecity to be on the forefront of payment evolution!

Referral Partners – Leverage Monecity’s payment solutions to bring value-add solutions to your current business relationships

Software Integration Partners – We have the ability to offer fully integrated partnerships that leverage our B2B platform to provide an entire suite of payment solutions. Our technology team are experts in this space & depending on the technology stack will be able to provide realistic solutions to best implement our

Banking Institutions – As many small to medium sized banks are constantly trying to compete with the large banks, we can provide virtual payment solutions off of their own BIN & expand their commercial card business using our robust enterprise network.

Custom Development Partnership – Depending on your custom development, please contact to learn more

Why Work with Monecity?

The Procure-to-Pay solutions our team can offer delivers value across the entire financial supply chain. Our core competency is everything payables!

(Benefits by position/department below)

• Reduce overhead & automate processes (we can take an entire A/P department electronic)
• Eliminate late-payment penalties
• Better maintain unclaimed debt (refunds & disbursements)
• More early-payment discounts with detailed strategy options
• Cash-back rebates by maximizing payment programs (specifically virtual card)
• Better manage cash by extending Days Payables Outstanding
• Our platform is bank agnostic so it does not effect existing treasury relationships.

• Mitigate risk of payments fraud
• Simplify decision-making with Multi-level authorizations & approvals
• Streamline reconciliation and financial reporting
• Increase operational control through audit trails
• Real-time visibility into the accounts payable functionalities
• Structural Role-based security feautures, configurable workflows, payment checks & balances reviews.

• Eliminate manual, common error-prone tasks involved in paying vendors/suppliers
• Increase time to focus on value-added activities (examples: data analysis, supplier management & master reconfiguration)
• Transform accounts payable from a tactical, back-office function into a revenue generation platform.
• Increase revenue for your organization with virtual payment programs and term adjustment strategies
• Fast deployment and integration with timelines that are synced with the teams we workwith
• Experience working with 100’s of ERP and accounting software systems
• Comprehensive help desk with phone and email support