Integrated Payables

Our Integrated Payables platform was created to help streamline & optimize everything payables! Just send us ONE payment file and we execute all of your vendor/supplier payments (regardless of payment type: ACH, Virtual Cards, EFT & Checks)for you, while also providing you & your team with maintain all controls & visibility across your financial operations.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your business, our diverse mix of A/P solutions will help your organization reduce manual processing and enhance control and visibility over business expenses by enriching the Buyer/Supplier relationship through electronic payment optimization.


The Buyer Advantage

• Migrate to electronic payments Day One
• Migrate to electronic payments Day One
• Bank agnostic framework
• Integrated supplier onboarding and management program
• Supports multiple payment types (Virtual Account, ACH, EFT with a Discount, Check)
• Delivers complete payment transparency
• Reduces costs
• Optimizes discount opportunities
• Simplifies integration, remittance and reconciliation

The Supplier Advantage

• Faster electronic payment delivery
• Faster electronic payment delivery
• Full remittance data
• Reliable and secure settlement
• Reduces DSO
• Enhances visibility over payment timing and details
• Improves process efficiencies from automation
• Accelerates the sales cycle and lowers costs – access to thousands of buyers in the network

Most corporate finance departments are constantly battling & trying to figure out how to best optimize their Financial Supply Chain. From understanding the entire procurement-to-payments process, our Monecity goal is to learn what issues & pain-points are causing your problems, then we help identify which options are best for to work-with, while also suggesting new solutions that your business may not have known about. As our team is analyzing and identifying options, we also are ensuring that best practices methods are being implemented & structured for the future growth of your business.

We understand the there is no “one shoe fits all” for companies because each industry & internal operations team has their own existing processes and complexities. Our role many times is to play QB and help their existing solutions work-with and/or around new innovated solutions, while minimizing interruption of current business operations. Our team moves at the pace of our clients needs.

Companies & Institutions spend millions of dollars developing custom solutions to help solve problems that our team has most likely already figured out. Our suggestion, use our team to figure out the tough problems & don’t reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to!

Integrated Payables

Almost all companies use some form of an ERP (Accounting) system to help manage their Accounts Payables – and they want a seamless way to process their payables liabilities, regardless of payment type (Check, ACH, Wire, Card). While very few financial institutions or third-party software providers offer a seamless and automated way to support these payments, Monecity’s Integrated Payables solution provides a simple integrated way to process Supplier payments, regardless of payment type.

Virtual Account AP

Buyers want an efficient and seamless way to pay their Suppliers for invoice-based spend. Virtual Card transactions are the main catalyst driving the projected $90B growth for purchasing card spend over the next two years.

Our Electronic AP solution utilizes Virtual Card payments via the Mastercard® Payment network for broad acceptance with highly secured controls. This coupled with our strategic Supplier Enablement approach facilitates accelerated supplier participation for maximum program results.

Managed Payables

As businesses seek to improve cash flow, Supplier terms management can be a valuable strategy to improving and optimizing the cash conversion cycle which can ultimately help improve both the income statement and balance sheet. Our Managed Payables solution leverages the value of terms management by delivering a seamlessly integrated, fully automated solution leveraging all payment modalities – including virtual accounts, ACH with discount administration, or check – that will connect Buyers with their Suppliers through a simple pay file integration. Monecity Managed Payables reduces manual processing and facilitates comprehensive supplier/terms management to maximize margin improvement, efficiency and control – for ultimate payment optimization.